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The Raiders are bad

NFL overreaction Week 8: The Raiders have been eliminated from playoff contention

The Raiders are dead, the Niners have a second home stadium, and sure, the Atlanta Falcons in our Week 8 overreaction roundup.

Pachuca took the Liga MX finals already

The top-5 most lopsided scores in Liga MX final history

Pachuca's 5-1 beatdown at Toluca got us wondering if that was the most lopsided Liga MX final leg ever. Surprisingly, the answer is no.

Nicolas Ibáñez leads Pachuca

Pachuca has a chance to redeem themselves

After losing in last year's final, Pachuca had a long road to redemption. But everything is set up for them to become Liga MX champions.

América blew it

Club América blew it

No one will remember Club América for their historic regular season or their fourteen-game unbeaten streak. They'll remember them for choking.

PJ Walker balled out against Tom Brady in Week 7

NFL overreaction Week 7: Brady lost to an XFL quarterback

Tom Brady says there's a lot of bad football being played. We couldn't agree more, especially after watching his team this past Sunday.

Tecatito will miss the World Cup to injury

These star players will miss the World Cup to injury

The condensed domestic season has stressed a number of clubs, and some star players fallen to injury won't be at the World Cup this winter.

The Lakers lost to the Warriors

Get ready for a rough season, Lakers fans

If there was any optimism heading into the season, the Lakers dashed it with an embarassing start against the defending champions.

Club América looks unstoppable

Liguilla semifinals: Can anyone take down Club América?

The Liga MX playoffs always promise a surprise. But this year, we're just wondering if there's anyone who can beat Club América.

Bailey Zappe was a Week 6 surprise

NFL overreaction Week 6: Bailey Zappe is the next Tom Brady. Book it.

The underdogs pull through, Cooper Rush fizzles out, and RIP to all the tables in Buffalo in our Week 6 NFL overreaction roundup

El Clásico takes place this weekend

El Clásico in the 21st century: The five best moments

El Clásico has provided so many iconic moments that picking a top 5 would be impossible. So we've stuck with the best moments from the last twenty years