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cabra creator

We created CABRA Sports to capture the true nature of Latino sports fandom. And we’re going directly to the people - placing fans front and center.

No intermediaries. No overpaid talking heads. Just fuego sports that’s real, fun, and desmadroso.

We’re looking for individuals who can create great content from the fan’s perspective.

If you love sports and want to make money curating, writing, and talking about what you love, send us an email at [creators@cabrasportshq.com] with either examples of your work (e.g. video, written, audio) and/or ideas for original sports content.

This is for G.O.A.T. fans only, so if you are up for it, let us hear from you!

Much love,

CABRA Sports 🐐🔥

P.S. - There’s a World Cup happening this year.

And yeah, we’re going to make lots of noise when that time comes. That’s why we want to bring at least one SUPERFAN content creator with us to Qatar to capture the moment the way only superfans can. Why not let it be you?