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Bandido at AEW

Combat roundup: Bandido impresses and Zuckerberg gets a peep show

Bandido starts a bidding war between WWE and AEW, Mark Zuckerberg pisses off UFC fans, and Daniel Cormier will ref a WWE fight in this week's combat roundup

Rosas signed with UFC

Should the UFC reconsider signing teenagers to fight?

Raul Rosas Jr. became the youngest fighter ever to sign a UFC contract. But at just seventeen years old, should he be fighting professionally at all?

Saraya stepped in for AEW

Combat roundup: AEW adds a legend, UFC adds a teenager

Saraya debuts for AEW, John Cena breaks a record, and the UFC signs a seventeen-year-old fighter in this week's combat roundup

Canelo fought well

Was the Canelo and GGG fight really that disappointing?

Canelo beats GGG, an MMA fighter suffers a gruesome gash, and people fight over PWI's top-500 (again) in our weekly combat roundup

Nate Diaz led a week of combat

The weekly combat roundup

Missed what happened in wrestling, boxing, and MMA this weekend? All good! We got you covered in our weekly combat roundup.

Nate Diaz fights

The last Stockton Slap: Why we are hyped for the Nate Diaz fight

Fighting the last bout of his UFC contract this Saturday, we look back at the self-proclaimed Baddest Motherf-----’s legacy in and outside the octagon

Jeff Molina is next in UFC

Latinos haven’t been given a chance to support Ronda Rousey

She was one of the pioneers of women in MMA and the first female fighter to sign with UFC, but do fight fans even know Ronda Rousey is Latina?

Amanda Nunes and Julianna Peña will have a rematch at UFC 277

Lightning probably won’t strike twice for Julianna Peña at UFC 277

Though it's easy to root for Julianna Peña, it's even easier to see that Amanda Nunes should be favored in their rematch at UFC 277

Canelo Álvarez training

Do Mexican fighters live up to the stereotype?

Mexican fighters have a reputation for never going down. How true is this?