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Nate Diaz fights

The last Stockton Slap: Why we are hyped for the Nate Diaz fight

Fighting the last bout of his UFC contract this Saturday, we look back at the self-proclaimed Baddest Motherf-----’s legacy in and outside the octagon

El Santo starred in over 50 Lucha Libre films

A beginner’s guide to Lucha Libre films

Lucha Libre films were all the rage in Mexico during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. And though they've died down, they still play a huge part in Mexican cinema.

Luchas de Trios campeones
Sean O'Malley fought well

Combat roundup: Did Sean O’Malley deserve to win?

A controversial decision in O'Malley vs Yan, a potential move for a Lucha star, and a boxing match for the ages in this week's combat roundup

A shop selling Lucha Libre masks

A beginner’s guide to Lucha Libre unmasking

Villano IV lost his mask at the most recent Triplemania. This is a big deal--but with so many new American fans, some may not fully understand why.

Pentagón showed out at Triplemania

This international Lucha phenom might break a generational curse

Pentagón Jr., or Penta El Zero M, wrestles in the shadow of a long-standing curse. But his star turn in AAA and AEW might break it.

AEW Spanish broadcasting is trash

AEW no habla Español

AEW has tried to market itself in Latin America by broadcasting its events in Spanish. They would be even better if they were actually in Spanish.

Pentagon unmasked Villano at Triplemania

Combat roundup: Villano unmasked at Triplemania and Wilder in tears

A stunner at Triplemania, Deontay Wilder gets real in his return, and UFC has signed a new celebrity in this week's combat roundup

Taya Valkyrie La Wera Loca

Honorary Latina: This Canadian wrestler has become a Lucha Libre icon

Known in Mexico as La Wera Loca, Taya Valkyrie started as a classically-trained dancer in Canada before becoming a Lucha Libre legend

Arena México in Mexico City

The world’s largest wrestling arena is in Mexico City

Though it has stood for nearly 70 years, the Arena México is still the capital of Lucha Libre in Mexico and an international wrestling cathedral

Bray Wyatt returns

Combat roundup: Bray Wyatt returns to WWE, Fundora pulverizes Ocampo

WWE welcomes back Bray Wyatt, Fundora dominates over Ocampo, and Bo Nickal is already making enemies in this week's combat roundup