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Combat roundup: Villano unmasked at Triplemania and Wilder in tears

A stunner at Triplemania, Deontay Wilder gets real in his return, and UFC has signed a new celebrity in this week's combat roundup

This was an “on” week for combat with so much happening all at once. Triplemania XXX: Mexico City definitely took the bulk of my attention. This was my Super Bowl, but I tried my best to keep up with everything else. Here are the stories that caught my eye and what to look for in the week ahead.

Lucha Libre

Penta El Zero M unmasked Villano IV 

In Lucha Libre, your mask means everything. It represents your entire identity and career. On Saturday, Villano IV lost his mask forever at Triplemania XXX in an emotional match against Pentagon Jr. Penta has won many titles across many promotions, but this was Penta’s first mask vs mask victory, which holds the same type of prestige in Lucha Libre.  

Taya Valkyrie retained the Reina de Reinas championship

Taya Valkyrie, who we just named an honorary Latina, first became Reina de Reinas champion eight years ago. At Saturday’s Triplemania XXX, La Wera Loca successfully defeated her title for the fifth time in her bloody, no disqualifications match against American wrestler Kamille Brickhouse.


Deontay Wilder made his comeback 

There was a darkness to this win. Former WBC Heavyweight Champion Wilder broke down in tears at the presser after the match, saying “I’m great at what I do but I don’t mean to take people away from the lifestyle they’re living. I’m just trying to support my family as well.” Wilder spoke about the dangers of boxing and cited the risk to the brain health of fighters after they sustain injuries.

Claressa Shields v Savannah Marshall most watched women’s boxing event in history

Over two million people tuned into Shields vs Marshall, making it the most-watched women’s professional boxing event in history. This fight superseded the previous record set by Amanda Serrano when she hit 1.5M for her main event match at Madison Square Garden this past May.


Hasbulla officially signs deal with UFC

The internet sensation born with dwarfism and with over 3.2 million social media followers apparently has a fight in the works. Both Dana White and Hasbulla himself confirmed he has signed a multi-year fight contract with UFC. We have no idea who would be in his weight class, though.

UFC strikes new virtual reality deal with Mark Zuckerberg

This explains Zuckerberg’s odd UFC Las Vegas 61 private viewing that pissed everyone off a few weeks ago. 180-degree virtual fight experiences are now in the works via a partnership between UFC and Meta. If it’s anything like the metaverse Zuck is building, it will probably suck. 

What to watch this week

WWE: Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown – 8 PM ET on USA Network

NXT 1.0: Tuesdays at 8 PM ET on the USA Network

AEW: Wednesday Night Dynamite, Friday Night Rampage – 8 PM ET on TBS

UFC 280: Saturday 11 AM PT on ESPN+

AAA: Every Sunday on YouTube at 7 PM