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Divisional round overreaction: The Chiefs are the new Patriots

The Bills suffer more brujería, the Eagles take care of business, and the Chiefs have become the class of the league in our overreaction roundup.

Only four teams remain in the 2022-23 NFL season. In the AFC, a repeat of last year’s championship between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs awaits us, and the two best NFC teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles, will fight for a title shot. The Super Bowl is only two steps away, and yet it’s just as hard to predict as it has been all season. 

27 years and counting for the Cowboys

It’s now been 27 years since the Cowboys made it to an NFC Championship game. Those Cowboy teams are responsible for the suffering of Cowboy fans nowadays–they were the cool team back then but fall just short now every year. 

The Dallas defense played their hearts out, but quarterback Dak Prescott and the offense couldn’t break through. The Cowboys fell 19-12 to the 49ers, a game in which Prescott threw two interceptions, one in the red zone. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called the loss “sickening,” and he mirrors every Dallas fan out there. But this is nothing new. 

It may be the end of the Prescott era in Dallas. The guy led the league in interceptions despite missing multiple games to injury. There is always next year, Cowboy fans. Maybe next year we will have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers taking snaps under center in Dallas.

This Bills brujería is insane

I honestly don’t know who hates the Buffalo Bills, but this franchise may be cursed for life. As if losing the Super Bowl four years in a row wasn’t enough, now they’re losing yearly in the playoffs despite being huge favorites.

The Bills were bounced in the divisional round by the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10. Credit to the Bengals’ defense, it isn’t easy holding the Bills’ offense to ten points. But the Bengals just wanted it more. The Bills have one of the most passionate fan bases ever–Bills Mafia love setting themselves on fire and jumping through tables–but that doesn’t stop them from experiencing heartbreak every year. 

Josh Allen toys with the emotions of the fanbase; he’ll play excellently one game and then throw costly interceptions the next. They’re a good team, but the only ones that are remembered are the ones that bring a trophy home. With key free agents and players getting older, this Bills team could look different next year as they look to win their first-ever Super Bowl.

Ya’ll must have forgotten about Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles are the number-one seed in the NFC, but they were dragged to that spot at the end of the regular season. Jalen Hurts missed two games, both of which the Eagles lost, and the season finale didn’t look convincing. People must have forgotten Hurts was an MVP candidate and how good the team was with him. 

It was an Eagles master class as they thrashed the New York Giants 38-7. It got ugly quickly. The Eagles scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and were able to rush all over the Giants, which is what they do best. The Eagles dominated the trenches freeing up space everywhere; even the receiver blocking from the Eagles was superb. 

Remember: the Eagles recorded fifteen more sacks than any other team and play a rookie quarterback next. If the Eagles can control the line of scrimmage, no one can stop them. 

The Chiefs are the new Patriots

I say this because of the 20-year run the New England Patriots had, seemingly winning the division every year and then making a deep playoff run. That’s now the Kansas City Chiefs, who will be a tough out in the AFC anytime. 

The Chiefs defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-20 to move on to their fifth-straight AFC Championship game. They won the game despite Patrick Mahomes having one good leg, but he returned to play and even managed to throw a touchdown pass while hobbling over the field. As long as they have Mahomes, the Chiefs will be a contender every year–it’s just a question of how many Super Bowls he will win when it’s all said and done. 

The Jaguars, despite losing, had a good season. No one had them going to the divisional playoffs; Trevor Lawrence took a huge step forward in his sophomore season, and Doug Pederson is the right coach for that team. Now they’ll have to build from this. Let’s just hope the front office doesn’t screw it up.