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Is Pachuca now one of los grandes?

Pachuca has won just as many titles as big Liga MX clubs like Pumas and Tigres. Is it time we start considering them one of los grandes?

In the 21st century, only one Liga MX club has won six league titles, five CONCACAF titles, and one Copa Sudamericana. Which team would you say that was? Club América? Chivas? Tigres? It’s Los Tuzos de Pachuca who just demolished Toluca in the Liga MX final.

Pachuca won their seventh league title with an 8-2 aggregate win over Los Diablos Rojos. So why aren’t they considered among the grandes of Liga MX? 

Pachuca is already the biggest talent producer in Liga MX. Chucky Lozano, Hector Herrera, and Erick Gutiérrez are just some Mexican nationals who’ve started their careers at Pachuca. The organization has a partnership with Eresdesivise side Ajax. Los Tuzos may be sending more players to Europe soon, as 26-year-old Luis Chavez has caught the attention of FC Porto. 

Tigres striker André-Pierre Gignac, who is one of the best players ever in Liga MX, already saw this coming before the season started. When it comes to model organizations, it starts with Pachuca. 

Los Tuzos set the standard

Club América, Chivas, Cruz Azul, and Pumas are generally considered los cuatro grandes by Mexican fans. While América and Chivas possess the fanbases, they also back it up with titles. Cruz Azul is a little less popular and a little less decorated than the top-two, but they’re still in a class above every other team.

Pumas, meanwhile, has seven league titles, less than Toluca and the same number as Pachuca. Is Pumas considered a grande based on nostalgia? Grandes should be determined by one thing, and that is winning. Fans will come to games if the team wins. It’s as simple as that.  

Pachuca’s latest title came in 2016 when they boasted many rising stars, such as 21-year-olds Victor Guzman and Erick Guitterez, along with a 20-year-old Chucky Lozano. Fast forward to 2022, and there’s a similar feeling with youngsters Kevin Álvarez, Luis Chávez, and Érick Sánchez. The new age of Mexican futbol may already be at Pachuca.

The future is at Pachuca

The formula Los Tuzos have implemented is easier said than done. They have a solid core, sign players who mesh with their core, have a great manager, and produce talent from their youth system. It appears simple, but if it were, every team would do it. 

So why isn’t Pachuca considered a grande? They’re the most successful Liga MX club in the 21st century. They’ve produced international Mexican stars and just won the league again. They’ve now tied Pumas in league titles with seven. If there was any time to rethink who gets grande status, it would be right now.