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Liga MX update: Club América starts slow, as usual

Only one of los grandes finds itself in the top four after three weeks of Clausura play. Surprise alert: It's not Club América.

Believe it or not, it’s been three weeks since the Liga MX season started, which means we’re already almost 20% of the way through the season. These games go by so fast. 

When will Club América win? 

Club América has started seasons off sluggishly in the last couple of years. This year is no different, as they haven’t won a game drawing all three of their contests. Las Águilas held the lead twice over Puebla but failed to secure it, drawing 2-2. 

With Club América, the expectations are always intensified, so while they haven’t recorded any defeats, not winning a game is worrisome to their fans. However, the haters are having a great time. América has Mazatlán up next—if they fail to win that game, fans can start to worry. Mazatlán is not very good, and it’s bad enough that América already drew with Querétaro. 

Cruz Azuleada

Different year, same old Cruz Azul. Despite recently breaking their championship drought, they’re back to poverty. Since selling striker Santi Giménez, the team has gone to bottom feeders. The only team doing worse is Mazatlán. 

Cruz Azul has failed to win a game, failing to beat bad teams such as Tijuana and Necaxa. Due to their grande status, everything is magnified with Cruz Azul, and Liga MX fans are having a blast watching this team notorious for choking. Their latest game was a loss to Necaxa, a team who makes more headlines due to their investors instead of their play on the field. It is only three games, but things for Cruz Azul don’t look too good.

Pumas the best grande?

Out of los cuatro grandes, who would have thought Pumas would be doing the best? Take everything with a grain of salt through just three matches, but Pumas has six points and is in fourth place, the best spot of any grande. Their latest victory was a 4-1 thrashing of León, which isn’t just a pushover team. 

Due to poor results last season, there weren’t many high expectations for Pumas coming into the season. Mired by players running into trouble, leaving, and coaching staff changes, Pumas was an afterthought in many fans’ minds. But they’re playing quite well right now, and Pumas fans are having a blast.

Is Atlas back?

It’s a new era for Atlas. They won back-to-back championships, but last season was horrid, and it was so bad that the man who led them to those titles is now at Tigres. To make things worse, Atlas has only played two games due to their opener being postponed from the terrible playing conditions on the field. Absurd stuff—only in Liga MX. 

Yet, they’ve scored five goals in just two games, beating Mazatlán and having a banger game against Querétaro, drawing at three a piece. Who knew Atlas and Querétaro would be the season’s best match so far? Either way, after a forgettable season, you can’t rule out Atlas returning to top.