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NFL overreaction Week 12: The Jordan Love era has begun

Mike White, Jordan Love, and Lamar Jackson all put the franchises on their back, while we still wonder what a social media quarterback is

Twelve weeks into the NFL season and things still get weirder by the week. The NFC South division is all under .500, while the AFC East and NFC East could have all four teams make the playoffs. The Rams can go from Super Bowl Champions to first in the draft, but will have to give that pick up to the Lions. And while the Jordan Love era approaches, Zach Wilson’s time in New York may be over. 

Zach Wilson should never see the field again

The New York Jets switched quarterbacks this week from Zach Wilson to Mike White amid their playoff hunt, and that may be the best decision they’ve made this season. White threw for 315 yards and three touchdowns, something Wilson had never done. He also had the highest passer rating of any quarterback this weekend at 149.3, leading the Jets to a 31-10 win over the Bears.

Wilson last week suggested the wind contributed to the Jets’ struggles on offense–well, a monsoon didn’t seem to affect White. Wilson has thrown for four touchdowns in seven games this season. White threw three touchdowns in one game. The Jets don’t have a choice. It’s Mike White season. 

The Bears did have their third-string quarterback start, but that doesn’t take away from White’s performance. White threw for 400 yards last season against the Cincinnati Bengals and followed it with a performance like this. White very well could be the Jets’ savior. 

The Ravens can’t hold a lead to save their lives

The Baltimore Ravens are 7-4 right now, leading the AFC North in a tiebreaker with the Bengals. But in all four of their losses, they’ve led by multiple possessions. It’s quite ridiculous how they’ve lost these leads, and yet they did it again, this time losing 28-27 to the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Justin Tucker couldn’t save the Ravens from coming up short on what would have been a 67-yard field goal. But if the Ravens are going to make any noise in the playoffs, the defense will need to step up. This defense allowed the Jags to match 75 yards in less than two minutes with the game on the line. I’m not sure if the Jags mascot dressed in a speedo distracted them, but this is unreal. How many leads is the defense going to blow? 

The Ravens are lucky to be 7-4. Lamar Jackson needs to get paid this off-season, but the Ravens have failed to put pieces around him. The Ravens leading receivers yesterday were Josh Oliver (who?) and a 35-year-old DeSean Jackson, while their leading rusher was Lamar. Something needs to change before Lamar decides to take his talents elsewhere. 

“Social media quarterback”

Before this Sunday, the word around the grapevine was that Justin Herbert was a social media quarterback. We’re in the same boat if you’re wondering what a social media quarterback is. Apparently, it means a quarterback who only makes throws look good for 15-second highlight clips and doesn’t win games. 

You can scratch that because not only did the Chargers win, but Herbert’s clutch throw propped them to a one-point victory over the Arizona Cardinals. With 1:48 left and down six, the Chargers drove down the field and scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion to give them the final lead. The social media quarterback, meanwhile, threw for three touchdowns and 274 yards. 

Despite the Charger win, former NFL player Emmanuel Acho, who started the social media quarterback trend, quickly pointed to Herbert’s win-loss record. The man is still hating after a great win, but if you have haters, at least you’re doing something right. The NFL needs the Chargers in the playoffs. 

A new era in Green Bay? Hello, Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers let the Philadelphia Eagles run all over them. It was so bad a 43-year-old Brian Westbrook could have probably rushed for 100 yards. Philly rushed for 363 yards and became the first team to reach ten wins. The Packers were fortunate that they only lost by seven points in a game where Aaron Rodgers exited with an injury. This is where the new era starts. 

Rodgers replaced an injured Brett Favre fifteen years ago, transitioning the franchise to its most current era. Could it happen again? Quarterback Jordan Love, drafted by the Packers in the first round in 2020, came in relief of Rodgers and looked good. I saw the twinkle in Packer fans’ eyes as they sat next to me.

Love threw for 113 yards and a touchdown in only nine attempts. His throws looked crisp, he looked poised, and he almost had a chance to pull off the comeback. With the loss, Green Bay is now 4-8, so what purpose does it serve to start Rodgers now? He’s hurt even if he’s fully healthy. The two sides should move on, whether that means retirement or via a trade. If Green Bay will get a better draft position anyway, why not throw out Jordan Love for the remaining games and see if he is the quarterback of the future?