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The most unforgettable 2022 World Cup moments

This World Cup has provided some of the most incredible games, storylines, and performances we've ever seen. Here are some of our favorites.

Any time a World Cup ends, the post-Cup depression hits as fans realize there won’t be this type of passion for another four years. It’s the best tournament in the world for a reason, and thankfully we can rejoice in the best moments already passed. 

This World Cup provided many great moments, so let’s relive them.  

South Korea snuck into the knockouts

Matchday three from the group stage was everything it could have possibly been, and no games provided more drama than Ghana-Uruguay and Portugal-South Korea. People from different nations cried tears of joy and tears of sadness. The still images of Luís Suárez crying on the bench as Uruguay bowed out of the Cup circled everywhere. All of this was due to Hwang Hee-chan scoring a stoppage time game-winner for South Korea. 

The goal gave them a 2-1 win against Portugal, who had already qualified for the knockout round and was coasting on their success. But this meant more for South Korea, as this was the first time they had progressed to the knockout stages since 2010. They defied the odds, leaving Suárez and Uruguay in tears. 

Samurai Blue shocked the world

Many pundits looked right through Japan in a group with former world champions Spain and Germany. Except the Japanese beat both of those opponents and won their group. Whoops.

Not only did they manage to win, but both were also comeback victories from down 1-0. These were very dramatic matches as Japan was in danger of being knocked out going into their third match, but two goals in two minutes helped them go through. Japan showed that the Asian countries came to play, one of three from the region to make it into the round of 16. 

Argentina tangoes into the World Cup final

There’s no crazier fanbase than Argentina’s, and the (non-Mexican) fútbol world wants this badly for Lionel Messi. Argentina has won five-straight games after a shocking opening defeat, and Messi has been heavily involved in every goal-scoring chance.

Argentina hadn’t convinced many haters until they pulverized Croatia in the semifinals. Messi did it all, as usual, scoring and putting defenders on skates throughout the match. Argentina still has a lot of haters, but having El Albiceleste in the final is excellent for the World Cup and the beautiful game. 

Morocco’s improbable run 

Morocco captured the hearts of many with its underdog spirit. It all started with them winning their group and knocking out a good Belgium team in the process. Then they took out Spain, a country with which they have a lot of history, by not allowing a single penalty kick to go in after the game ended 0-0 in regulation. That alone would have made it a successful Cup for Morocco, but the dream didn’t end there.

Everyone in Morocco seemed to be attending their matches, and that home-field advantage came in clutch in their quarterfinal win against Portugal. A 1-0 win made Morocco the first-ever African team to make the semifinals, and in the process, derailed a legend’s dream and left him in tears. The eleven players on the field carried the dream of a nation. Morocco kept four clean sheets, slayed giants in the process, and represented a whole continent. They may not have won the entire thing, but they won the hearts of many, and this team will go down in history.