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Wild Card Weekend overreaction: New year, same old Chargers

The Chargers blow a historic lead, the Vikings are who we thought they were, and it's Brock Purdy time in our Wild Card Weekend overreaction roundup.

The NFL playoffs are always crazy, and Wild Card Weekend was no exception. Most games came down to the wire, and teams are fighting hard despite what the odds say (well, maybe not the Chargers). There are so many contenders that we don’t know who will make the Super Bowl. And just like always, the first weekend came with a few surprises. 

Whose tía did brujería on the Chargers? 

Seriously, the Chargers have to be cursed. The defense gets you four interceptions in the first half, you’re up 27-0, and you still lose? Unreal. 

Dumb penalties and horrible play-calling aided the comeback. A lot of credit to Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars for coming back, but it could have been prevented. You’re up big. Just run the football. You have Austin Ekeler. Nope, instead, you only ran eight times in the second half. 

Head coach Brandon Staley continues to have awful game management for the second year in a row, costing the Chargers elimination. This list adds to the already long list of disappointments for the Chargers. The franchise just may be cursed. 

The Vikings are fraudulent

Everyone was right about the Minnesota Vikings. Despite being a 13-win team, most NFL fans had doubts about them. They were never convincing, and it was hard to trust Kirk Cousins in the playoffs. Welp, it happened once again, and they lost to the New York Giants 31-24.

The Giants won their first playoff game in eleven years, their first since Super Bowl XLVI. Giants fans deserve this win for the decade of hardships they’ve encountered. But if you’re the Vikings, where do you go from here? You’ve trusted Cousins, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be the guy to win you a Super Bowl. Justin Jefferson is one of the best receivers in the game but only had 47 yards in his playoff debut. Also, the Vikings may want to rethink their in-game strategy. 4th and 8 with the season on the line, and you throw a three-yard pass to T.J. Hockenson? Come on now. 

Give Lamar Jackson a blank check

It’s unreal how fast a game can change, as the Baltimore Ravens were one yard away from taking the lead on the road. The quarterback sneak by Tyler Huntley was essentially blocked at the goal line, fumbled, and returned 98 yards for a touchdown by Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard. It’s a play that will be remembered for years to come. 

Despite the Ravens missing quarterback Lamar Jackson due to injury, they hung on until the end. Their defense kept them in the game, and James Proche could have had one of the wildest touchdowns to tie the game if it hadn’t fallen off his fingertips. For the Ravens, you have to pay Lamar Jackson. They suffered without him. The Bengals will now face the Bills, which will be a challenging and exciting game. There’s no reason why the Bengals couldn’t make another Super Bowl run. 

Brock Purdy is about to be the first rookie to go to the Super Bowl

This weekend’s first playoff game opened with a great promo by WWE legend Paul Heyman, who said Brock Purdy was the NFL’s next big thing. Well, he’s probably right. For being a rookie and the last pick in the draft, it’s insane what he’s doing. 

The Niners had a rough first half, and the moment looked to be getting to Purdy, but the second half was all Niners. Purdy threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns as San Francisco blew out Seattle 41-23. They’re the only team to blow out their opponent this weekend. The Niners are rolling and haven’t lost since October. It’s scary hours up in the Bay Area.